Spring Cleaning- 5 essentials to never toss

If you’re in the habit of cleaning out your closet every spring, here are 5 things I believe you should never toss out, and if you don’t already own these, then why not?!

  • Basic white tee

A good white tee is a basic wardrobe must. White t’s are the chameleon of tops. It can be paired with denim, pencil skirts, shorts. It can be thrown over tank dresses. Knotted or tucked in. The options are endless. Versatility is your friend.

  • A good pair of jeans

Denim is an everyday must. A well fitted pair of jeans that complement your silhouette and are comfortable, I’m convinced, is the key to true happiness. Invest well in denim, and you’ll see that your outfit can be transformed. Fit is key, there are many different styles of jeans, but my everyday go to is a pair of Verdugo cropped jeans from Paige. For me anything I don’t have to hem is amazing. I can roll them up, or leave them down, I like the way they pair with boots, booties, flats, tennis shoes, and even heels.

  • A leather or faux leather jacket

Leather is a commodity as old as time. A sweet leather or faux leather jacket never goes out of style and can tie an outfit together. Thrown over jeans and your white tee, or paired with a little black dress for a night on the town. Simple and flirty. Moto or bomber styles always a plus.

  • Flats

If I could live in my Vans I would. However, there are times when a girl has to put some real shoes on and shove the tennis shoes back in the closet. I think a simple pair of flats can tie add that extra amount of sophistication or professionalism to an outfit, plus anything to not wear heels! I’m personally a fan of mules and slides. But the options are limitless, there are ballet flats, loafers, oxfords, the list goes on and on.

  • Cross-body bag

Cross-body purses are the best of both worlds. They aren’t too small or too big. They come in a variety of silhouettes and can be made of a variety of materials. You can have a basic bag or statement bag. Bucket bags, fanny packs, wristlets.... these have all come and gone in waves, and will probably continue to go in and out of style. But cross-body bags are around for the long haul and have proven that they can sustain the test of time.


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